A downloadable game for Windows

A relaxing and atmospheric first-person puzzle game, where you solve nature-based puzzles and discovering the secrets of Urskog.  

This is a game prototype that shows a vertical slice of the game and have been developed during 8 weeks by 7 game design students.

Urskog have been showcased on Gotland Game Conference 2020, and won the Best Art Direction award!🌱

Please be kind enough to fill out our Google Form after playing the prototype, to help us improve the game!

Don't hesitate to contact us about anything regarding the game.

And give us your thumbs up 👍 on our Facebook-page!

Sincerely, Plantus

Project Manager - Pontus Jakobsson
Level Designer - Marika Ohlsson
Art Direction - Amanda Backlund
2D Artist - Frida Grahn
Technical Artist - Johannes Burström
Lead & Gameplay Programmer - Kaan Baris 'Peace' Bicak
UI Programmer - Emil Gårdh
Composer - Marcus Vallgren
Quality Assurance - Ozberk Alpay

Install instructions

Unzip the file, then run Urskog.exe.


UrskogGame.zip 330 MB


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I wanna play, but my computer is in fact a potato. It gives up before I even have time to open the settings and set them to something playable. But that's more my fault than yours =P

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Too bad, thank you for trying to play Urskog!

is this for windows only?

Yes, it is only for windows for now.

Please support Linux

A very relaxing experience, and the visuals are absolutely stunning. Had fun playing it!


Thank you Rahnaf for playing Urskog and sharing your experience on your youtube-channel! We feel lucky to have you making the video, and it was a joyful experience for us developers to watch it.

Spoiler Alert! To hopefully put your mind at ease:

The final activation of the peace-symbol was just an easter egg, but we were glad that you found it :)

Ah yes, that does put my mind at ease. Thanks! :D

real relax. not game. it's like a cup of tea in lonely saturday evening.
Add the endless or looped openworld where you need find as more places for meditation as possible - and this game will become real relaxing evening tool.

Thank you Fakov for your feedback and playing our game! It is good idea for the future development. 

wow wow and wow. What a stunning adventure you have created here devs. I gave the demo a 20 minute play and got stuck at the point where you have to interect with the 6 mushrooms but I am completely taken a back at how beautiful this adventure and I have played it more than once. I just can't help leaving the path to have a look around.

Here's a video I did up to the point where I got stuck and if you can give me a pointer to get past this point then I would love to play Urskog again and do another video.

Good Luck and Thanks
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Thank you for the feedback and for playing! Right now has it is coded, the mushrooms cannot be activated until all the mushrooms have been playing once. So you have to wait for all the mushrooms to play a tune, before you can activate them in the correct order. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions or if it does not work, do not hesitate to contact us!

We think that the last iteration will make it clearer!

It will be out by the end of this week.

- Peace, Lead Programmer

Fantastic game! Hope to see more content in this relaxing puzzle game :)

Thank you! We will keep you updated as we add more content :)